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Healthy Dog Intake Form


We are excited to be rolling out WELLNESS PACKAGES this year!

These wellness packages contain all the recommended care for your pet and allow you to prioritize and choose between the basic necessary care for your pet, or the gold packages which include additional bloodwork so we can monitor your pet’s health throughout the years. You will notice all our canine packages include the same four vaccines:

DHLPP Vaccine (often called a distemper-parvo shot or a 5-way shot) protects your pet against canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. This is considered a core vaccine and should be given to every dog, every year.

Bordetella Vaccine (you may know this as the “kennel-cough” shot) protects your pet against strains of bacteria that can cause a nasty cough! In this area, kennel cough is rampant- we see cases every single day! This vaccine, while it can’t prevent every strain, helps to protect your pet against the most common.

Rabies Vaccine protects your pet against, of course, Rabies! In our area, we see a large number of rabies-positive wildlife, and even fairly common cases of rabies-positive household pets.

Influenza Vaccine (often called a flu vaccine) protects your pet against canine influenza. Canine Influenza H3N2 broke out in 2015 and has since been reported in over 40 states. Because this is still an emerging disease and dogs in the U.S. have not been exposed to it before, almost all dogs, regardless of breed or age, lack immunity to it and are susceptible to infection if exposed to the active virus. Virtually all dogs exposed to the virus become infected, and nearly 80% show clinical signs of disease. We recommend protecting your pets against this disease now, as it will likely become prevalent in our area soon.

If you do not wish to take advantage of our wellness package discounts and want to select services for your pet individually, please write in on the “Other” slot on the other side of this form and specify what vaccines or services you wish for your pet to receive.

So, why should I care to monitor my pet’s lab work every year if they seem perfectly healthy?

When most people hear “bloodwork” for their pet they may not understand the true value of this testing. Having this lab work done has so many benefits, but the two major benefits we rely on this testing for are the following:
1) We catch conditions your pet may already have much earlier. We can see your pet’s lab work values trending up long before they are outside of normal range when we compare bloodwork year after year. Annual bloodwork can provide early detection for so many diseases and allow us to start a treatment plan as soon as possible. Sometimes treatment could be something as simple as changing the diet.
2) We have more information about your pet when they DO become unwell. If your pet comes in and needs lab work because of an illness, we now have baseline values for their bloodwork (when they weren’t sick) to compare to, and we may be able to see if your pet’s condition just started recently or if perhaps their illness has been a longer, slower onset- which can play a large role in selecting what treatment your pet would need for their illness.